What is Covered With My Rent Payment?

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What Is Covered By My Rent? From one apartment or property to the next, the items and amenities included in your rent will differ. Some rental agreements are all-inclusive while others offer supplemental amenities for an additional charge. In one location, your rent includes utilities like gas and electric, but not cable or Internet access,…Read More »

Myths About Credit Scores

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House and Money with Pad of Paper and Pen

Myths About Credit Scores Often, home buyers feel they are at the mercy of the credit bureaus and their credit score. After all, the ability to get a mortgage depends on one baffling number, determined from factors over which the consumer appears to have little control. The seemingly arcane value assigned to items listed on…Read More »

Before You Sign the Lease

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Whether you are a first time renter, or renting again after owning your own home for several years you should not sign a lease until you are certain you this is the place you want. A lease is a legally binding document—as long as it adheres to Federal, State and Local laws and ordinances—so enter…Read More »